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  Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, pay attention to the introduction of talent, training and selection. The company has a standardized human resource management system, and constantly improve the internal incentive system, establish and improve the training system for staff training.
    The company has a sound corporate culture management platform, training staff to the pursuit of perfection, integrity, excellence, leadership, independent management, teamwork spirit and philosophy. The use of modern human resources management system will be effective in the integration of human resources, and fully explore the potential of human resources, so that people do their best.
Mind Lingyun, force chuanggao performance ", make the staff unceasingly enterprising, challenge the limits of self challenge, breakthrough innovation, forming correct values and view. Benchmarking, mutual help, mutual encouragement, facilitate communication, so that employees in the work took the initiative to show their talents, in order to progress together. 

                      Spring Blue enterprise culture

Enterprise spirit: dream, persistence, innovation, perfection
Business philosophy: with the best products, the most reasonable price to win consumers
Management philosophy: innovation will never stop
Management features: rationalization of scientific standardization network
Service concept: consumers things, above all
Human resources: the vision, mission and core values of people oriented in the spring and blue: after continuous efforts and innovation to create the most fresh air
Mission: to carry forward the spirit of international environmental protection, the pursuit of perfect quality, to provide professional services, to create a comfortable environment

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