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Distribution partner:
Ningbo Haishu blue spring refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. relying on domestic and foreign "energy-saving environmental protection air conditioner design expert support, after two years of painstaking research and development, with a total cost of 300 million yuan, independent design and development of" energy-saving environmental protection air conditioner injection machine and the special machine parts and the equipment assembly required large and small die out of a total of 48. "Spring Blue energy saving and environmental protection," the birth of the wet curtain is no doubt a thorough revolution.
In order to make the "blue spring energy-saving environmental protection air conditioner equipment performance and quality to reach the domestic first-class level, the province's top level, the company has and the major machine parts manufacturer established very solid relations of cooperation, the special motor, fan, casing injection molding, wet curtain, electric control system, water level sensor, a water pump, a water inlet valve, a automatic overflow water drain valve are from domestic and foreign well-known large manufacturers specifically for the company's own design and development of special mould for batch manufacturing. With "blue spring air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection" the injection performance of the shell: filter dust, high and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, shock, fire and other functions; electronic system performance is: liquid crystal display, lack of phase, the wrong phase, water, load alarm and automatic protection function, manual / timing intelligent sewage cleaning system; having a three-phase single speed, single phase variable frequency speed regulating a variety of models; maximum air flow for 18000 m3 / h, air distance of up to 25 - 30, cooling cover up to 100 - 150m2/, adapt to 60 m span large workshop direct blowing type send wind and tube station air supply.
Through the use of the company in the domestic and foreign many home different industry tens of thousands of equipment installation, industries involved in textile, clothing, leather and footwear, machinery, electronics, lighting, laundry, Internet cafes, supermarkets, dormitories, restaurants and other fields, the cooling effect is good, the equipment for stability, appearance is beautiful have received numerous users of praise and a high degree of evaluation, the use of "blue spring air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection" can really reassure dealers! Customer service! Customer use to be at ease!
The company in line with the principle of reciprocity, mutual benefit and common development, to the most preferential prices, the best quality products, the most perfect service is the hottest investment, let us win-win cooperation, welcome people of insight in the vision of development of the company's products.
Acquisition conditions of distribution rights:
To have a fixed place of business, a fixed sales network and complete sales team, rich experience in the operation of the local to have a good business reputation, social relations, and to have a certain economic strength;
Service support for distribution rights:
We will be given the following support to meet our dealer authorization standards for the distribution rights of merchants:
1, the protection of regional sales.
2, get the manufacturer's network promotion support and advertising support.
3, provide terminal, promotional support (specific circumstances to the interview as a standard).
Two, quality problem 4 years quality assurance, and lifelong maintenance support.
5, according to the amount of free delivery volume and color inion and terminal promotional items.
6, free to provide a full set of advertising model, provide free color promotional materials and terminal promotional items.
7, to provide a set of market network development, marketing planning, customer management, after-sales service, such as a full range of support and the corresponding manuals and inion.
-- welcome you to join the blue spring, your choice is absolutely correct, because we in the Chinese market counterparts, with the most professional market planning team, in different regions, we have sent special marketing manager to provide you perfect service, solve all not difficult, you create a good market environment. In terms of logistics. We also adhere to provide adequate protection, has a fast maintenance team, all spare parts we will be provided free of charge, as well as for customers, for all of us a promise, remove your worries, and technical support, professional and technical training, let your staff is professional. What's more, will your salesman training more enterprises, guarantee your benefits; in terms of price, the quality have shown our price advantage, to achieve high quality and low price, and our environmental protection air conditioner blower type diversification, suitable for different requirements of absolutely, also is the best choice for customers.
The above mentioned is not an ad, but the fact that the iron, the absolute being able to lay a stronger, more stable foundation for your career, here, you will find a "gold mine" at your doorstep ". So this is your most correct, the most sensible choice.

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